About Immune Active


Immune Active is uniquely positioned to perform the requisite research necessary to develop additional product applications for its proprietary product.

Immune Active is a proprietary, standardized, supercritical natural botanical extract of Tea Tree (Maleleuca Alternofolia) with multiple mechanisms of action ranging from anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant and a support of immune health.


What is Immune Active?

It’s an essential botanical oil-based compound derived from Maleleuca Alternifolia, commonly referred to as Tea Tree.

Tea Tree oil’s antiseptic properties have been confirmed from over 100 years. At that time it was proven to be 10 times more potent than the most accepted antiseptic of its era; carbolic acid.

Recent scholastic research has demonstrated that it has a strong activity against pathogenic organisms.

Is Immune Active safe?

Immune Active is used in A.M.S. BIOTEK’s leading line of wellness products as an Over The Counter (OTC) product.


  • Toxicity studies have demonstrated that a bolus oral ingestion of Immune Active (up to 10% concentration) was not toxic.
  • Over 100 volunteers have taken the Immune Active capsules for over 18 months and analysis of blood sample and urine samples on a regular basis demonstrated presence of the active Immune Active. 24 hours after the treatment was stopped, no trace of Immune Active was found